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Woman accused of poisoning boyfriend with drain cleaner

(Photo: Paul Nelson)

SOUTH SALT LAKE – A woman is booked for attempted murder after police say she tried to poison her boyfriend with drain cleaner.  She reportedly told officers she wanted him to go to an “eternal sleep.”

Investigators say it was only a spoonful of Drano, but, it was enough to nearly kill the 50-year old victim.

Police were first called by the staff at the Redwood Urgent Care who reported a man had ingested the cleanser.  South Salt Lake Officer Gary Keller says the workers also heard some troubling comments from the man’s girlfriend, Elle Weissman.

(Salt Lake County Jail)

“The girlfriend had made comments that were highly suspect, and that she was probably the person responsible,” Keller say.

After the police read Weissman her rights, Keller says she told officers that she knowingly gave him Drano, pretending that it was medicine.  When he was writhing in pain, she reportedly tried to tell him that the medication was making him sick.

Keller say, “Things didn’t go as she expected.  As you can imagine, a chemical of this type causes excruciating pain.”

Weissman tried to get her victim medical care, but, it appears she wasn’t in a hurry to get there.  Keeler says they called a ride share company to give them a lift to a center that wasn’t close by.

“They went from their apartments in the area of 3900 South and 700 East to the Redwood Road and 2100 South Urgent Care.  It’s amazing that he made it there,” Keller says, adding, “He was in very bad condition, so, he was transported to the hospital.”

Weissman was booked into jail for attempted murder and surreptitious administering of a certain substance, which are both felonies.