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Murray city leaders considering banning plastic bags

(Photo: Paul Nelson)

MURRAY – Cities all over the country have been banning the use of one-time plastic bags from supermarkets, and Murray could be one of the next cities to do it if a proposed ordinance goes through.  They want the public’s opinion before that happens.

The bags have become the bane of existence for landfill operators all over the country since they’re too thin to be recycled and they clog machines.  Murray City Council Member Diane Turner says the bags are just a mess, overall.

“In Murray, they clog our storm drains.  It’s an issue for our landfill, so it costs our citizens,” she says.

The ordinance has been written and Turner says it may mimic what cities in California and Oregon do.  However, that’s not where she got the idea.

“The first time I had the idea when I was visiting Italy and I had to pay to get a plastic bag,” she says.

At the same time, Turner acknowledges this could be considered a huge inconvenience for city residents since they would now have to buy their own reusable shopping bags.

“I anticipate that there is going to be some inconvenience.  I do understand that.  We’re going to provide, probably, a six-month moratorium so people get used to the idea,” Turner adds.

They want the public to come to their city council meeting on Tuesday, May 14th,  to see how the ordinance is drafted.

“It’s not written in stone, at this point.  It still has to go before the council and be voted on.”

If this ordinance is accepted, Turner says they can provide some city residents with bags.