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SLC Homeowner finds what appears to be unexploded bomb in garage

Photo: SLCPD

SALT LAKE CITY — Officials say there wasn’t a danger to neighbors or the community at all after what appeared to be two WWII era bombs were discovered in a Salt Lake City home on Saturday.

Salt Lake Police Sgt. Carlos Valencia said the devices appeared to, “be a projectile about a foot long with Japanese writing on it, but I’m not an expert in the matter,” noting that military experts will investigate further.

The devices were found by a homeowner who was cleaning her garage near 1177 W. Picture Drive when she found one of the devices in her garage on a shelf and the other under the coffee table that she said appeared to have something inside it and called the police.

The bomb squad and explosive ordnance disposal personnel from the Utah National Guard were dispatched and removed the devices and try and determine what they are.


Valencia credited the homeowner for doing “the right thing” and calling the police when finding the device.