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Bees delay Reds/Giant baseball game, find new home plate

Reds fan Julie May shared this photo of the game delay announcement Monday.

CINCINNATI — The Reds beat the Giants today, but only after an 18-minute delay of game because of bees (and not the Salt Lake Bees).

The massive swarm appeared above home plate, just as the Cincinnati Reds were about to face the San Francisco Giants at Great American Ballpark.

Players and even some fans ran for cover as the buzzing insects hovered, then moved toward the stadium’s upper deck.

Two professional beekeepers just happened to be attending the game. Recognizing the swarm was in search of a new home, they moved in with a cardboard box, helping the grounds crews collect some 75,000 bees humanely and safely.

Even though the Bees are the mascot of Salt Lake City’s minor league team, the Reds may want to consider the insects as a future mascot. Team officials say bees have twice before caused game delays.

The Giants felt the sting of defeat just the same; the Reds won 12 – 4.