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Riverton considers anti-abortion resolution

RIVERTON, Utah — The Riverton City Council will discuss a resolution Tuesday night to supports unborn babies and affirms their support for human life.

This stance would not be a city ordinance or a law but would give the city of Riverton an official stance in support of human life.

The resolution says health care providers should be able to morally object to providing an abortion, and it offers support for women who had to end a pregnancy that endangered their health.

The city council member who sponsored the resolution, Tawnee McCay, says she believes it will have support to pass.

“This is the way our city council believes. I have talked to other cities that are interested in passing something similar to this, to show our state legislature our support for protecting the unborn,” said McCay live on KSL Newsradio Tuesday morning.

She says if more people speak up, if more cities pass such resolutions, then more states will follow …and eventually the country can be an example to the world.

She says is concerned about female infanticide around the world, or babies with disabilities being aborted. Her city council district includes the Kauri Sue Hamilton School, which is a center-based school for students with significant disabilities. Her daughter went there for a time.

“So many of these individuals I know bring so much joy to those around them,” she said.

McCay says the resolution includes language to support women, including those who have had an abortion.

The resolution models one that a city in New Mexico passed recently as well as parts of state code restricting abortion after 18 weeks that is currently facing court challenges.

The Riverton City Council will have a discussion on it in their meeting Tuesday starting at 7 pm.

You can read the resolution here.

You can hear McCay’s entire interview on Utah’s Morning News below.