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Murray City School District raising starting salary to $50k/year

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MURRAY, Utah — The Murray School Board has voted to give all their teachers an almost $7,000 yearly raise. And the starting salary will be $50,000 a year, matching the Canyons School District’s expected pay as the highest in the state, just behind Park City.

They’ll raise property taxes by $93 a year on a $250,000 home in order to bump pay. They promise it will go only toward teacher salaries.

Teacher pay will then reach $86,000 a year on the higher end for Murray.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to show appreciation and support to teachers in the Murray City School District, along with strengthening our ability to hire and retain the best teaching talent possible, we, the Murray Board of Education, are looking to provide a signification increase in our teacher salaries for the upcoming 2019-20 school year,” said Board President Kami Anderson in her statement at the meeting.

The next step will be to get ratification from the Murray Education Association. Then the Board will present the tax hike to the public in a Truth in Taxation Hearing, expected to be in August.

The statement says they are working on raises for classified employees as well.