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russian spy charges
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Russian man in Weber County jail, accused of smuggling fighter jet manuals

An affidavit filed in federal district court in Salt Lake City names Tishchenko.

SALT LAKE CITY — A Russian national accused of smuggling fighter jet manuals to Moscow will soon go on trial here in Utah.

Jail records show Oleg Mikhaylovich Tishchenko is sitting in jail this morning in Weber County and is charged in the US District Court in Salt Lake for conspiring against the United States and violating the Arms Export Control Act.

The indictment says he tried to get technical manuals for jets based or maintained at Hill Air Force base and wanted to ship them to Russia.

russian spy charges

The affidavit filed in federal court describes some of the activity with which Tishchenko is accused.

According to court documents, Tishchenko is accused of working through both a Russia-based video game forum and E-Bay in the scheme.

The original charges were filed in June 2016 in a sealed federal indictment.

Tishchenko was arrested this year in the nation of Georgia and was extradited back to Utah after that nation agreed to send him to the US.

He’s scheduled to go on trial in August in federal court on these charges.