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Shanalee Sadler, Alta High School

The following was submitted by Shana Davis.

Shanalee Sadler is a special education teacher at Alta High School. She has been my son’s teacher for the past 3 and a half years. My son has autism and is a senior at Alta High School. Mrs. Sadler has gone to great lengths to teach my son Math, History, and other life skills that he will need as he transitions to adulthood. She has been very supportive as we have set goals for him in his Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings. She has ensured that he has had the best peer tutors who have been able to help him in his general education classes.

Mrs. Sadler has gone above and beyond what has been expected of a special education teacher. While my son was volunteering after school at various museums to gain valuable work experience, Mrs. Sadler took her kids and paid the admission prices and visited my son at his various jobs. She did this more than once. She wanted to know if the goals we have been setting for him during his IEP were being achieved.

Mrs. Sadler has also made sure my son was included in some of the clubs at Alta High School. When he was a freshman, she helped him start a space club for rocket lovers. This past year, she helped form a new club called the “Happy”nings Club. It is a club anyone can join including special education students, peer tutors and anyone else who wishes to join. She wants everyone to be included. They have had parties and everyone feels included and has a good time.

When my son was a freshmen, Mrs. Sadler wrote a glowing letter of recommendation for him for Space Camp to help get my son a special needs scholarship. His dreams came true as he was awarded the scholarship and flew to Huntsville Alabama to participate in Space Camp. He was living his dream.

Mrs. Sadler has also taken on the responsibility of being a coach of the Alta High School Special Olympics Soccer team. My son has loved being on this team. It has been one of highlights of his high school experience. Every special education student who is on the team plays and has a fun time.

Most important, Mrs. Sadler has shown that she cares for my son and wants the best for him. She has made sure that he is prepared for his future whatever that might be.

She has definitely earned the KSL Teacher Feature award. Thank you for considering Shanalee Sadler of Alta High School for a KSL Teacher Feature award.