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State buys American Express building for $56m in order to free up parking at Capitol

FILE Steve Griffin, Deseret News

The state of Utah is buying a building in Taylorsville with the hopes it will ease parking at the State Capitol.

The state is going to buy the American Express campus in Taylorsville. State workers that currently work in the state office building on the north end of the capitol complex will move to the Taylorsville location.

Seven hundred state workers will transfer to the Taylorsville campus.

The state office building is apparently 60 years old. It hasn’t had upgrades for the last 15 years and it’s not really up to code anymore. The building will come down to make room for more parking at the Capitol.

State agencies in that building include facilities construction, administrative services and human resource management.

The Utah Legislature talked about building a new office building at the Capitol location. They voted instead to buy the American Express building in Taylorsville for 56 million dollars.

The state says freeing up parking spots will be a better idea.