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Storms could make allergies worse this weekend

SALT LAKE CITY – We’re expecting a major change in the weather over the next few days with temperatures dropping 30 degrees and thunderstorms happening across Utah.  This is especially bad news for people who frequently deal with allergies.

Before the rain and mountain snow starts falling Thursday evening, most of the state is going to have to deal with the wind.

“The gusty winds outside of the thunderstorms are going to gust up to 50 miles an hour and the thunderstorm will make that go a little bit higher,” according to National Weather Service meteorologist Christine Kruse.

When the precipitation finally falls, doctors say it may provide temporary relief for people who are already feeling the pain of allergies.  Doctor David S. Gourley with Allergy Associates of Utah says there are already a lot of allergens in the air, with grass pollen being the most prevalent.

“It tends to affect the eyes, perhaps, more than other pollens,” he says.

He recommends that people who constantly have allergies should stock up on non-sedating over-the-counter antihistamines, and consider using them more often than they may think they’d need.

“They should make sure they stay on them and not just take them when they’re totally miserable.  They should start to take them at the first part of their season,” Gourley says.