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Project Recovery: Pro skateboarder Brandon Novak shares how perception saved his life

Casey Scott opens up about his battles with addiction in the new podcast Project Recovery.

Actor and professional skateboarder Brandon Novak says he does everything all the way or not at all.

This attitude of being fully engaged led him to the heights of fame within the world of skateboarding. And the rock-bottom lows of drug addiction.

Early in his life, his skills on the skateboard rocketed him to a world that included touring with the unparalleled Tony Hawk.

Novak rubbed shoulders with Michael Jordan and other celebrities.

When the drug use began, Novak sacrificed his life in the fast lane for his addiction, and he made it as a conscious choice.

While touring with Tony Hawk, he told Novak that he needed to choose between his life as a professional skateboarder and taking drugs.

He chose drugs.

Brandon Novak (left), Casey Scott (center) and Dr. Matt Woolley discuss the tools for overcoming addiction, on Thursday, May 9, 2019. (Photo: Jon Smith)

A fatal disease

Novak says his life hit so rock-bottom that his mother bought a burial plot for him on a Mother’s Day.

He says addiction is a fatal disease if it is left untreated.

Addiction, unlike other fatal diseases, does not give daily reminders that it is fatal, Novak says.

Addiction lies to you by telling you that you don’t have an addiction, Novak continues.

In charge of your perception

Novak says, “I have a disease centered in perception.”

“If I can change my perception I can change my world,” he says.

What do I want the most? This is question the addict my ask oneself. Do I want my life back or do I want another hit.

Dr. Matt Woolley says the perception of yourself, believing that you can succeed, is part of a successful recovery.

Novak says he changed his perception by making his defect become his asset. He provides himself a living by speaking to others about his breakthrough, his decision to remain clean from addiction.

“I can tell this wholeheartedly, from everything in my heart, that sobriety has given me everything that drugs and alcohol ever, ever promised me,” Novak says.

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