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Rep Patrice Arent cancer
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Rep. Patrice Arent reveals cancer diagnosis

Rep. Patrice Arent, pictured with three interns. Photo: Patrice Arent Facebook

SALT LAKE CITY — Rep. Patrice Arent, D-Millcreek, a prominent voice in Utah state politics, has revealed she has cancer in a Facebook post.

Arent wrote: “Today I am sharing with my friends and colleagues the news that I have been living with multiple myeloma for the past 21 months.”

Arent, 63, said her cancer was discovered early and she is being treated by Huntsman Cancer Institute.

“I feel remarkably good and my cancer has not prevented me from fully living my life. As I have during all my past legislative sessions, this year I vigorously represented House District 36, without missing a single day. I will continue to work hard on behalf of my constituents and be their voice in the Legislature,” Arent wrote.

Arent has served in the Utah House of Representatives since 2011.

Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that forms inside a type of white blood cell called plasma cells, according to the Mayo Clinic. The disease can cause cancer cells to accumulate in bone marrow and crowd out healthy cells.