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provo church graffiti vandal
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Graffiti vandal tags Provo church meetinghouse

A Provo police officer looks over graffiti damage done to a church and surrounding property.

PROVO, Utah — Police in Provo are trying to find the vandal who sprayed graffiti on the Edgemont 2nd Ward meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Saturday night.

Police Detective Nick Dupaix says the vandals also hit the fence around the property.

“There’s just a lot of profanity, some anti-religious remarks. I think there was an anti-Trump remark on there,” Dupaix said.

Dupaix says the department has specialists who are familiar with taggers and graffiti and can even recognize the handwriting of some vandals. They’ll be investigating the case.

The damage was extensive, and Dupaix says it could cost thousands of dollars to clean up. Provo City has a program to help property owners clean up and paint over graffiti.