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Two Utah high schools accuse each other during hearing

Accusations of racist taunts at a high school basketball game were the topic of a hearing involving the UHSAA. Photo: Getty Images

MIDVALE, Utah — A hearing about racism at a Utah basketball game turned into hours of testimony and accusations of bad behavior on both sides.

Witnesses talked about racist taunts, a death threat and an attempted assault after basketball games in January and February involving Intermountain Christian School and Tabiona High School.

The Utah High School Activities Association held the hearing Monday that lasted nearly 7 hours. But they won’t name the disciplinary actions for another week to ten days.

Intermountain Christian says Tabiona should be punished for racist insults directed at their coach. Tabiona says Intermountain Christian should be punished because of a threatened assault and even death threat against a player.

The UHSAA looked at surveillance videos and dozens of people testified.


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