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Casey Scott
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Project Recovery: Casey Scott and Dr. Matt answer your questions

Casey Scott recording Project Recovery. (Photo: KSL Newsradio)

Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley decided that when they started the Project Recovery podcast it would be worth it if the podcast helped just one person.

In this episode of Project Recovery, Casey and Dr. Matt share some of your letters and emails.

People have written in to talk about how the show has helped them in their own recovery.

Others wrote in to share stories of their long struggle to help their loved ones who suffer or suffered from the disease of addiction.

One mother wrote in to say it hit her hard when Casey Scott mentioned how his own mother got involved in his recovery.

She writes that one of her children became addicted to heroin and later took his life.

Three of her children also became addicted to drugs to ease their pain. Nine years later, her children are clean.

She says she found clarification in the podcast by hearing how drug addiction is a disease and not a choice.

Dr. Woolley says parents can feel misplaced guilt, putting the blame in the wrong place, including on themselves. He says that thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lead to behavior.

This pattern means how we think has a huge impact on how we feel, and how we feel has a huge impact on what we do, he says.

Dr. Woolley also hopes that this mother shares with others what she has learned about not blaming herself for her children’s suffering the disease of addiction.

The podcast helps people whose loved ones are suffering by letting them consider addiction from other points of view.

Other listeners say they feel more compassion and empathy for those who are working for their own recovery.

Listen to the podcast to hear the whole discussion, including how Scott is learning to adjust to his new life.



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