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Senator Romney: ‘it would be the wrong approach’ if Dems try for President Trump impeachment

Sen. Mitt Romney disagrees with the Democratic party's trajectory on impeachment.

HEBER CITY — Utah Senator Mitt Romney doesn’t think impeachment of President Donald Trump is the route the Democrats should take.

Taking questions at a townhall of about 70 people at the Heber City Police Department Wednesday evening, Senator Romney responded to a question about whether or not he thinks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will start impeachment proceedings.
“If I become a part of the jury, I’ll listen to what they have to say, but my own view is based upon what I’ve seen that an impeachment is not a course that is going to end in a course she wanted.”
He added that he doesn’t think Speaker Pelosi will start those proceedings, adding it would be the wrong approach if she did. When asked how he would vote if the House were to impeach President Trump Senator Romney said,
“I’m not going to go there.”
Speaking on the Muller report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, Romney said there’s information in it suggesting some in the Trump administration lied, and that “sickened him.”
“It’s not a crime to lie. It’s just wrong. I think it’s morally wrong. I reject people who lie. I reject lies,” he said.
Romney faced a string of questions on the Mueller report and Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Trump. He said it would be difficult to make the case for obstruction of justice against the President.
“There were things that were said in that report which suggested that people in the administration had said things that were untrue, and I’ve found that disheartening because I expect total honesty by the highest office in the land,” he said.
The state’s junior senator says he’ll do his first speech on the senate floor next week. He also took questions at the townhall about climate change, socialism, and China during the hourlong meeting.