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Draper police say auto-ped crash may have been intentional

Photo: John Perry, KSL TV

DRAPER — Police are saying an auto-pedestrian crash that sent two people, including an 11-year-old child to a hospital Friday morning, may have been intentional.

The crash happened this morning at 15051 S. Winged Bluff Lane. Police say the 11-year old was heading south on a scooter when a car turned into the child.  Luckily for investigators, a nearby home security camera recorded when the car hit her, head-on.

“The impact threw the young girl into a front yard.  The car hit a landscape boulder in the same yard, and rolled,” according to Draper Police Chief John Eining.

Police say the child was sent to a hospital in serious condition, but she has non-life-threatening injuries.  Eining says the child was wearing a helmet, which may have saved her life. The driver of the car, Steven Becky, was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

After seeing the security video, Eining says the crash looked like it was done on purpose.

He says, “This is not what I would describe as someone who ‘veered’ into the gal or ‘drifted’ into the gal.  My description would be that this is someone who turned into the gal.”

Becky reportedly knows the victim, but officers have no idea why he would want to hit her.  Eining adds, “Mr. Becky is staying in the area with an aunt and uncle.  They have a daughter that is the same age as the victim and they’re friends.”  Eining believes Becky may have been on drugs.

This part of the Suncrest community is technically in Utah County, so Becky has been booked into the Utah County Jail for attempted criminal homicide and DUI with serious bodily harm.  The Utah County Attorney’s Office will decide what the formal charges will be.

(Contributing: Paul Nelson)