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Utah Researchers studying opioid-related deaths, including of new moms

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SALT LAKE CITY –New studies published this month are trying to understand each and every opioid-related death in why a high percentage of those deaths are new Utah moms.

Opioid abuse is the leading cause of death for new moms in Utah, up to a year after they give birth.

Researchers from the University of Utah Health department say many women are able to stop using substances during their pregnancy, but afterward, there can be a relapse many times either accidentally or intentionally overdosing.

Health professionals on the Utah Opioid Overdose Fatality Review Committee are looking at each toxicology report, and which pills were found near the individual and what their history was before their death in an effort to understand the growing problem in Utah.

They say these deaths have no common age, race, education level, or geography.