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Blue Butterfly House


Most children feel loved by their parents when they spend quality time playing together. This time can be interrupted if court ordered supervised visitation is necessary. Two women in St. George, who had their own families affected by domestic violence and child custody issues, created the Blue Butterfly House so those in need of supervised time can maintain relationships with their children.

Their space is a beautiful, uplifting, and home-like facility where families can play with their children, take parenting classes, and feel supported in their journey.  Families have access to games, books, and toys while accompanied by a trained supervisor. This helps to maintain parent-child relationships that is so important in child development.

The Blue Butterfly House hopes that each family can reunite on their own terms and, with their help, preserve family relationships without a pause. To donate or learn more visit

SelectHealth recognizes the compassionate services provided by the Blue Butterfly House as another example of how Utah Gives Back.