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Box Elder Community Food Pantry


Many of us are only a few paychecks away from needing help with childcare, medical care, or the grocery bill. Food pantries are essential to help get food to those who need that extra boost. The Box Elder Community Food Pantry in Brigham City is a customer choice pantry that allows people to choose their own food just like a grocery store.

So many of us don’t realize the disparities that exist in our own communities, but our neighbors and friends are suffering with hunger every single day. One in eight people in Utah are at risk of missing a meal today. Food pantries provide a way to put a meal on the table without breaking the bank.

The Box Elder Community Food Pantry encourages gardeners to “Grow a Row” in their gardens to donate or consider donating your time or money, so that one more person has a full belly tonight.

SelectHealth recognizes the critical role of the Box Elder Community Food Pantry as another example of how Utah Gives Back.