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Utahns are working multiple jobs at greater rates than national average

A record-long streak of U.S. job growth is ending in a big way in March. (Stock Photo)

SALT LAKE CITY — Utahns are working more than one job at a time at greater than the national average, and many of those working that second or third job are women.

According to the Census Bureau, women are more likely than men to hold more than one job at a time. Often they will work full-time at their main job, and then part-time at one or more other jobs in a field where they already have experience.

The report says much of this may come as a result of their main jobs not offering enough work hours or that the pay rate may be too low.

Another reason may be that the job itself may not provide satisfaction or have growth potential.

Murray resident Priscilla Neve is making the transition from holding down as many as four jobs at once to one full-time job on Wednesday and she is really excited about.

“This is probably a better balance because the last four years have been exhausting and not sustainable,” she said.

Neve worked for a school district and held down several copy-writing jobs from home so that she could spend more time at home with her children.

“I look at my friends who stay home or maybe work a part-time job, and I think, ‘How are you doing this?'” she said.

Her husband works full time and his paycheck goes to the mortgage and steady monthly bills, while groceries, clothing or lessons for their two children come out of her paychecks. This all while they are also paying off student loan debt from graduate school.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that  6.5% of Utahns work more than one job at a time which is over the national average of 4.9%.

Stephanie Mickelesen lives in Draper and works at a full-time job during the day in a customer service department, with a few hours a week at another job at Torrent Cycle. She decided to work there because she loves the place and wanted to afford a membership.

Other times in her life she’s worked several jobs in order to make ends meet.

“Now I can have that extra to throw into savings while I can. And I feel like I am making a difference. But there have been times when I’ve worked multiple jobs, and I didn’t have enough to give, but I had to because of circumstances,” said Mickelsen.

Neve says is relieved to be finally working just one job, writing for the quickly growing barbecue cooking website, Hey Grill, Hey.

“Maybe this is the magic, maybe this was what I was searching for all along,” she said.