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Kearns shooting
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Police respond to shooting in Kearns

Police line strung up around 4800 South 4720 West in Kearns, Utah. 6/5/19 PHOTO: John Perry

KEARNS, Utah — Unified Police have responded to a shooting in Kearns near 4800 S 4720 W that was reported around 7:30 AM Wednesday morning.

When police arrived on the scene, they found one man dead in the front yard and bloodstains inside the home.

Ten minutes later, police received a call from St. Mark’s Taylorsville Emergency Center that another man had shown up there with a gunshot wound. He was transported to Intermountain Medical Center in serious condition.

Police are unsure who committed the shooting or why at this moment.

Unified Police Sgt Melody Gray says officers stopped a man who was leaving the scene when they arrived.

“We don’t know his involvement, if any. There were additional people inside the home that we are questioning, to find out what happened here and why,” she said.

There were six people inside the home at the time.

Sgt Gray says their Violent Crimes Unit and Mobile Crime Lab were on the scene, and the forensics team will collect evidence and take pictures. They do not believe there is any danger to the public, and say the shooting seems isolated to the home.


Neighbors were standing outside in their yards watching the police do their work. They say they heard some fighting last night coming from the home.

“I was feeling a little bit worried about what was going on,” said Ashley Bunker. “I just hope people are safe.”

Teri Taylor has lived in this neighborhood since 1991.

“We never had nothing like this,” she said.