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Police: Man shot by bystander was assaulting woman

26-year-oldĀ  Jeremy Sorensen has died after being shot during an altercation with an unnamed 18-year-old outside an apartment building near 500 N and 200 E

PROVO — Police said the man who was shot and killed by a bystander Monday night was assaulting a woman, and refused orders to stop.

In a series of tweets on Friday afternoon, police said Jeremy Sorensen, 26, refused orders by the armed bystander to stop the assault.  In fact, they said he went on to strike her, bite her, and stomp on her head.  Police said the woman suffered a concussion and other “substantial injuries” during the attack.  Police also said that Sorensen and the woman knew each other, but that they’re still investigating the nature of that relationship.

Police said they have conducted numerous interviews since the shooting, and that the armed man, in his 20s, gave clear verbal warnings to stop the assault or he would shoot.  At some point, police said, the woman broke free and got behind the by-stander.  He fired, police said, after Sorensen advanced toward them.  Sorensen died the next morning at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

The case is being screened by the Utah County Attorney’s office and police said there is still “significant and ongoing” investigation taking place.

Sorensen’s friends say they are reeling from his death.  They say the descriptions of that night don’t fit the man they knew.