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Police say man running red lights caused a crash on Bangerter

RIVERTON, Utah — Unified Police say a man stopped at the green lights, then drove through the red lights on Bangerter Highway, before crashing head-on with another car, shutting down the road for hours Sunday night.

Police say it was not only reckless driving, but it may also have been impaired driving, and now four people are affected.

Unified Police Sergeant Melody Gray says it started with something happening near 6800 South and U-111.

“There were people out there riding ATVs, having a good time, and he was harassing them and being a pain to them,” Gray said.

But when police were called, Gray said the driver took off in a pickup truck.

“What witnesses are telling us is that the pickup truck had been driving down Bangerter, basically slowing down for lights, but blowing through red lights,” she said, “and then came through this intersection again, going through a red light.”

Gray says that truck hit an SUV head-on last night near 13400 South Bangerter Highway with three people inside.

The truck driver was hospitalized in extremely critical condition after the crash; all three people in the SUV were wearing seat belts and are said to be doing better.