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Puppy reportedly thrown from vehicle has surgery Thursday

(Credit: Jessica Wall)

MURRAY – A puppy that was reportedly thrown out of a moving truck last week still has a long road of recovery in front of him.  The woman caring for him his hoping to adopt him, but, she says a lot of veterinary care has to happen first.

Jessica Wall was about six cars back when she saw what she thought was a pillow coming out of a moving truck.  When she saw the pillow move, she realized it was a dog.  Whether the puppy was thrown out of the truck or he fell, the owner never came back.

“The cop that stopped with me made me wait for about ten to 15 minutes before taking him to the vet to give the potential owners time to turn around,” she says.

Avett, the ten-week-old puppy, couldn’t be left in a shelter to recover.  Wall says he could barely move and needed to be re-positioned every four hours.  Plus, needed more water than other dogs because of his injuries.

“He’s got a pelvic back fracture and, from my understanding, he also has a sacroiliac injury, which is essentially where the base of the spine meets the hip,” she says, adding that he also has multiple femur breaks.

Time was not on their side.  If there was too long of a delay in getting Avett the proper treatment, the damage could be permanent.

Wall says, “Their bones grow so quickly, if they started to fuse together incorrectly, they might not be able to fix it.”

Even though Wall became Avett’s foster mom, a technicality prevented her from giving him the treatment he needed.

“Because he was on a ‘stray hold,’ the city wouldn’t allow us to even begin his care which could possibly end up in re-breaking his leg to fix it, or even amputation,” Wall explains.

She hopes that all of Avett’s injuries can be treated during surgery.  Doctors will have to see how well Avett recovers before he can be officially adopted.