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Provo Police publish letter from family of a man shot to death

PROVO – The family of a man who was shot to death in Provo are thanking the community, police, and first responders.

The Provo Police Department published the letter from Jeremy Sorensen’s parents on their Facebook page. It reads:

“We are deeply saddened over our son Jeremy’s death and the circumstances under which it occurred.
We appreciate the efforts of those who witnessed the shooting and ran to Jeremy’s assistance until police and emergency vehicles arrived. We also honor their courage in providing evidence during the investigation.
We appreciate the police officers who responded to the crime scene and the compassion they showed toward our son.
We are grateful for the dedication and openness of the Provo Police Department throughout the investigation.
We trust and are hopeful that honest and just conclusions will be made by the Utah County Attorney’s Office from the evidence gathered by the police.

Mr. and Mrs. Sorensen”

Sgt. Misha King says the family asked the department to put the letter up to reach more people than an email list.

A bystander allegedly killed Sorensen earlier this month when the bystander saw him fighting with a woman.

The Utah County Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case and has not pressed charges. They are trying to determine whether the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law protects the shooter.