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Uintah officials looking for owner of a puppy that died in the Green River

Dogs awaiting adoption in kennels (Getty Images)

Caution: This news story contains a graphic photo of a deceased animal

UNITAH COUNTY — Animal control officials in Uintah County are seeking for the owner of a dog that was found in the Green River on Monday.

The director of the Uintah Animal Control Shelter, Tina Williams confirmed that the animal pulled from the river is a puppy.

The dog ended up in the river under “suspicious circumstances,” according to the shelter’s Facebook post.

The animal shelter is not releasing many details about the deceased dog while the shelter searches for its owner.

Through a Facebook post, the shelter staff says “we want someone to be able to describe in detail” if it is their dog.

The dog’s body is currently at a veterinarian’s office.

The shelter hopes that further investigation will reveal more about the dog’s identity and where it came from.

The director of the shelter did say that the breed of the dog was not known because most of its fur was gone.

If anyone has information about this dog and how it may have ended up in the river, the shelter asks that such persons call the Central Dispatch at 1-435-789-4222.