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Body camera footage shows driver being pulled from fiery crash

Credit Lone Peak Police

HIGHLAND – Lone Peak Police are releasing dramatic body camera video showing an officer and bystanders saving a man from a burning car.

The crash happened on S.R 92 when a driver crossed into opposing lanes of traffic, then down an embankment.  Lone Peak Officer Brock Susov was the first to arrive.  Since it was off the side of the road, Susov tells KSL he had trouble finding it.  However, bystanders were there to point him in the right direction and even held up some fencing so he could reach the crash site.

When Susov got to the car, he was told the driver was unconscious.

“What happened?” Susov asks.  The bystander responds, “He just came to.  Not even came to.”

Susov tells KSL the car was pinned against a rock and the door on the other side was smashed so it couldn’t be opened.

“We can’t get his door open.  There’s a chance we can break [a window],” the bystander said.

That’s when flames started rising from the engine.  Susov reached inside to pull the groggy man out of the car.

“I got you, bud.  I got you,” he kept reassuring the driver.

As Susov pulled the man out, his leg became pinned inside.  One of the bystanders helped to get the driver unstuck.

“Give me your arm.  We’re going to drag you a bit, bud,” the bystander says.  After which, you hear the driver groan in pain.

Susov says the car became fully engulfed shortly after they pulled the driver to safety.  He believes the driver would have died had the bystanders not been there.