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Spider-Man meets Spida-Mitchell in new viral web ad

Screenshot from Twitter; Colby Walker / KSL Newsradio

SALT LAKE CITY — A hotel bag mixup has led to quite the crossover.

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell, otherwise known as ‘Spida,’ appeared alongside current Spider-Man actor Tom Holland in the latest ad for Marvel Studios’ summer superhero movie, Spider-Man: Far from Home.

The commercial starts with Holland getting a suitcase with Mitchell’s Spider-Man-influenced Adidas sneakers, known as the D.O.N Issue #1, unveiled back in December. When he goes to find out what happened to his bag, he finds Mitchell next door slinging webs around the hotel room in his Spidey suit.

Next week brings some big events for Spiderman fans.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far from Home premieres on Tuesday, and a few days later, tied into that release, Mitchell’s shoes will go on sale.

Mitchell posted a photo on Instagram of the British star rocking the shoes, saying Holland wants to switch career paths.


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@tomholland2013 said he wanted to switch career paths 😂🕷🕸 #donissue1 #spidermanfarfromhome

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In addition to having a connection with Mitchell’s first name, D.O.N. also stands for Determination Over Negativity.

Mitchell says he hopes the shoes can show kids they can do anything.

“My message with this shoe is that it’s for kids not only your age but younger than you guys, older than you guys, just (for those who) believe that they can do anything,” Donovan Mitchell said at the unveiling of the shoe in December. “I want my story to be told as such — this was so unexpected for me.”

The shoes are anticipated to cost $100.


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