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Fairpark residents surprised neighbor called “person of interest” in Lueck disappearance

(Photo: Paul Nelson)

SALT LAKE CITY – Officers are still going door to door around a Fairpark neighborhood, hoping to find security footage that may give them clues in the disappearance of Mackenzie Lueck.  Some people in the area are shocked to hear their neighbor was named as a person of interest.

It seems like not many people who live near 600 North and 1000 West know the man who owns the home at the center of the investigation.  However, those who do have a hard time believing he would do something sinister.

His neighbor, Tom Camomile says, “He’s a bit of a loner, but he’ll wave at you when he’s out here.  We talked a lot last summer.”

Camomile says they would chat about things like gardening and home renovation.  In one instance, Camomile was invited to check out his neighbor’s basement which was renovated for Airbnb customers.

“He’s very quiet, very reserved and very private.  So… nothing out of the ordinary did I ever see or hear from his house,” he says.

Camomile says he did have concerns about the home being rented out to strangers, saying, “These are people that are coming and going and you don’t know who they are.”

However, he says his neighbor would have customers rent out his room nearly every night.

“I do not believe this man is involved in anything odd, but, if there was anything that transpired there, I would be willing to believe it came from an Airbnb person vs. my neighbor,” Camomile says.

Police can confirm things like ammunition and a pitchfork were taken out of the home by officers, but, they’re not sure how those items relate to Lueck’s disappearance, if at all.  Other neighbors say police have asked for the images caught on their porch cameras, but those videos are usually deleted after a week, so they’re concerned they might not have what police are looking for.