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world war ii medals
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War medals found in Utah on the way back to family in California

Photo credit: KSL TV

OGDEN, Utah — A box of World War II memorabilia found in a closet in Ogden is finally on the way back to the family.

KSL reported on the find back in May. Jim Thorpe had been trying to find who the medals, flag and photo belonged to for around a year. And now, finally, he knows.

“A lady in Ukiah, California sent us pictures and had a copy of the same picture I had with the case, of Thomas Douglas Walker. His younger brother is her dad, and he is still around. That confirmed it was the right family,” said Thorpe.

He sent it in the mail on Tuesday, and it should arrive today.

“They are extremely grateful. They’ve missed it, they know it was missing, they just never thought they would see it again,” he said.

Thorpe says he has been learning more about Walker ever since, explaining that a step-child must have brought the items to Utah but they had gotten lost here.

He says Walker was one of eight brothers from Montana who all joined the military. Then he became a pilot and lost an eye in the war, earning a Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

“I know if it was my grandfather’s, it would be missed. It’s part of his legacy,” said Thorpe. “He was not your average soldier.”

Thorpe says he made sure to track the package, so that it would arrive safely.

“I had them on a stand in my house for a year. Looking over and not seeing them is different, he’s been with me for a while. But it’s with his family, it’s where he belongs,” said Thorpe.