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You don’t have to be a millionaire to get some love on Utah billboards

Two billboards in Utah County suggest you don't need to be a millionaire to get attention with advertising. Photo: Alex Martinez, Twitter

PROVO — Billboards may be the new way to get a date in Utah, even if you are not a millionaire.

Two billboards on I-15 in Utah County point out that if you missed your chance to date the millionaire who famously advertised he was looking for a date, now’s your chance to settle for much, much less.

They advertise a site called

A 24-year-old BYU grad named Braden Sharp is behind it. He told that used a work bonus to pay for it.

The site lists skills including humor, remembering birthdays, and cleaning. He explains how he is slightly-above-average in distance running and in having nice hair. He says he knows 12 songs on the guitar, and he will be able to help his future children with their math homework.

Sharpe said he’s received about 400 emails and 18,000 hits on his website since the billboards went up in June.

He says he’s even had four dates so far, but more people have written to tell him they got a good laugh.