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Fatal stabbing overnight at gas station

After some sort of altercation early Wednesday morning one man is dead and one is in the hospital. (Photo: Mary Richards | Twitter)

SALT LAKE CITY — Two people are arrested, and police are looking for other outstanding persons after a fatal overnight stabbing early Wednesday morning at a gas station according to police.

Salt Lake Police say a male clerk working at Maverick on the corner of 13th S and Main street was stabbed to death after an altercation shortly after 3:00 AM.  Investigators say a fight started after four men in the parking lot were simply asked to leave.

Salt Lake Police Detective Greg Wilking says, “[The clerk] asked those gentleman to leave, they don’t leave and there’s an altercation that takes place resulting in the suspect pulling out a knife.”

The clerk died from his injuries and his friend was taken to the hospital in serious condition,

(Tukka Gonne: Salt Lake County Jail)

The suspect has been identified as Tukka Gonne, 21, who reportedly stabbed both men.  He was tracked down by a K9 unit at a nearby apartment complex.

Gonne has been booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for murder, aggravated assault and interference with an arresting officer.

“It seems rather senseless when you look at the grand scheme of things,” Wilking says.

(Photo: Steve Griffin, Deseret News)

Friends of the clerk could be seen dropping off flowers at the store as they try to deal with his death.  One friend, Chrystal Cook says the man she knew was always fun to be around, and things were looking up for him in the future.

She says, “He leaves behind two twin girls, two more daughters and a son who looked up to him.  His family was everything to him.”

Cook also says her friend truly loved working at that store.

“He had other job offers but he stayed because he loved this job,” she says.

Officers also took a juvenile into custody after the attack, but he’s been released to his parents.  Police have not yet identified the other two people who were with Gonne.

(Contributing: Paul Nelson)