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Motorcycle officer injured in lane filtering crash, police say

Photo: Matthew Brooks, KSL NewsRadio

WEST JORDAN — A police officer is in fair condition after being hit by another vehicle in an accident involving lane filtering.

A West Jordan police spokesperson says two motorcycle officers were lane filtering on 9000 S. at the intersection with Bangerter Highway when one of the officers was struck by an SUV.  West Jordan Police Sergeant JC Holt says they have no reason to believe the driver of the Toyota Sequoia intentionally hit the officer.  The injured patrolman was taken to IMC, even though he was in fair condition.

“The decision was made to transport him to that Trauma 1 hospital, immediately, just to make sure.”


Lane filtering is when motorcycle riders, stopped at a red light, moves between two lanes to the front of the intersection while other traffic is stopped. The law allowing the practice in Utah took effect May 14, 2019. Riders may only filter lanes when:

– The speed limit on the road is less than 45 mph

– There are two or more adjacent lanes of traffic going in each direction

– Vehicles are stopped

– The movement can be made safely

Additionally, motorcyclists can only filter lanes at speeds under 15 mph.

Holt says they get a lot of comments on their social media pages from people who don’t understand the rules allowing motorcycles to filter.

“Questions like, ‘When can you do it?  When is it lawful?’  And, we have a lot of opinions out there, such as they don’t support the law.  They don’t like the law.”  He adds, “Again, police officers and police departments, we don’t make the laws.  We enforce the laws.”

The injured officer has been released from the hospital.