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Ogden officer
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See the national anthem played on seven credit card machines

Gov. Gary Herbert announced the lowering of both the American flag and the Utah state flag for Saturday in honor of the Ogden police officer who was shot and killed.

Did you catch Queen’s “We Will Rock You” being played on some typewriters, an electric toothbrush, and a couple other devices you may have on your bathroom counter?

The same YouTuber recreates songs using everyday devices for his channel Device Orchestra.

In honor of America’s birthday, here is the Device Orchestra‘s rendition of the U.S. national anthem being played on seven credit card machines.

The creator manipulates the sound of credit card machines expelling paper to reproduce the national anthem.

If a credit card machine can respectfully play a portion of The Star Spangled Banner, this may be it.

He takes some electric toothbrushes into the wilderness to play the Finlandia Hymn by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. Residents outside of Finland will recognize this piece of music as the hymn, “Be Still My Soul.”

The tech-savvy musician also made a video of A-ha’s “Take On Me” being played on three electric toothbrushes.

The theme of season nine of Game of Thrones was also within the capacity of the electric musician. The changing camera angles gives the video a form of an epic drama. The nature of the popular show thus caused an epic electric toothbrush video.