SLCC often sees higher enrollment interest on Monday after holiday

Jul 8, 2019, 2:36 PM
Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) may begin offering on-campus housing at its Taylorsville campus, likely entering a public-private partnership to make it happen. (Credit: SSDP)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — As the holiday weekend winds down, college enrollment interest is going up. Salt Lake Community College reports that it is typical for them to see an increase in enrollment interest on the working Monday after a major holiday.

Admissions inquiries, phone calls up at SLCC

For SLCC, the Mondays after Independence Day, Pioneer Day and Thanksgiving Day are their busiest days of the year, according to public relations. This may be because of family members asking about future plans or a spark of self-reflection.

“I think sometimes when you take a little time off, it’s time for you to reflect,” said Joy Tlou, SLCC public relations director. “It’s not always family members that are bugging you and people saying ‘What are you going to do with your future?’ Often times it can be somebody just stopping and saying […] ‘Hey, maybe I’ll go to school.’ That’s what vacations and time away from work and school do to you.”

During this time, SLCC will receive more admission inquiries, phone calls to the contact center and advising appointments as well as an increase in website activity.

Frequently asked questions

With the sudden interest to enroll in college, Tlou acknowledges there are several questions that can arise in the process. He says the best place for a student to start is to do research on what they are interested in and find a school that offers that program.

Another concern he says many prospective students have is the increasing cost of college. Tlou says he recommends students complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to help with tuition costs.

“We encourage students to apply for student aid,” Tlou said. “There are a lot of opportunities we have for students to take advantage of financial opportunities.”

Utah has been rated the state with the lowest average student loan debt, with an average of $19,975 in student debt after graduation, according to a report by Forbes. SLCC offers several opportunities to receive financial aid through grants and a new program called ‘SLCC Promise.’

The three-year-old program is said to “take care of whatever the financial aid application process doesn’t,” according to Tlou. For example, if a student is eligible for the Pell Grant, they will have their tuition and fees paid for through this program.

Two-year or four-year?

When deciding whether to enroll in a four-year or two-year college, there is often pushback on which choice will benefit the student more. While the two options seem to be competing, the ideas aren’t actually pinned against each other, Tlou said.

“Students have a choice in the matter,” Tlou said. “The pushback doesn’t always make sense. Students need to decide what direction they want to go in and commit to that direction for as long as they can until they meet their educational goals.”


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SLCC often sees higher enrollment interest on Monday after holiday