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Olympia Hills
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Olympia Hills development under negotiation again

The planned site of Olympia Hills 2.0., just west of Herriman. (Photo: Steve Griffin / Deseret News)

HERRIMAN, Utah — Developers are now proposing a new, scaled-down version of the controversial Olympia Hills development near Herriman.

The original plan for the high-density project was torpedoed by community members last year. Neighbors said they were concerned about traffic and all the other problems that could happen by introducing 30,000 more people into a high-density development.

The revised proposal for Olympia Hills development that would bring big changes to west Salt Lake Co. (Photo: Heather Tuttle)

The new plan includes a 6,300 unit mixture of housing, apartments, shopping and workspaces, just less than the original plan. The new project would include about 2,000 fewer units than the original as well as a traffic study, plans for new roads and a series of public meetings to gather input.

The Salt Lake County Council could have a vote to approve or strike down the new plans within weeks. Currently, the project has been submitted for zoning approval and awaits continued negotiations.