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One civilian killed, one police officer injured in a shooting


SALT LAKE CITY — A police officer is in stable condition following a shooting at an apartment complex near 580 S. 500 W. on Monday, a police spokesperson says.

Salt Lake Police Sgt. Brandon Shearer says one person, a civilian, is deceased.

An unidentified person at Sunrise Metro Apartments made a 911 call for a psychiatric check.

A Crisis Intervention Team was part of the response.

Sgt. Shearer says two police officers initially responded to the call for the psychiatric check at the apartment.

A third officer, who is a member of the Crisis Intervention Team, responded shortly after the first two officers arrived.

It was a psychiatric call that turned into a shooting, Shearer says.

The shots were fired from inside an apartment.

The shooting happened at about 1:30 p.m., Sgt. Shearer says.

Shearer did not say how many on scene were involved in the shooting, nor how many people were shot.

Officers from other agencies also arrived on scene.

By 2:45 p.m. the scene was secured and the area was safe, Shearer says.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Nick Street says that a trooper rendered aid to a person involved in the shooting. The unnamed trooper arrived after the shooting took place, Sgt. Street says.

Unified Police will interview those persons who were at the scene, Shearer says.

Police have not taken any person into custody.

KSL’s Andrew Adams says there was a significant police presence in response to the shooting.

He says he counted at least 20 police cars at the scene.

Police are encouraging drivers to avoid the area. Authorities closed the roads in the immediate vicinity of the incident.

The eastbound ramp from I-80 to 600 South was temporarily closed, but the ramp is now open, the Utah Department of Transportation states.