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Police find more evidence in Lueck case in Jordan River

(Photo: Paul Nelson)

SALT LAKE CITY – Police find another potential part of the crime scene in the case of the kidnapping and killing of Mackenzie Lueck.  They say more clues have been found in a river not too far from the suspect’s home.

Investigators got a tip Monday morning to check out an area of the Jordan River trail near 700 North Redwood Road.

“Employees of the Parks Department identified some items they believed were related to the case,” according to Salt Lake City Police Lieutenant Brett Olsen.

(Photo: Paul Nelson)

When officers arrived, they found some pieces of possible evidence in the grass next to the river, while other items were in the river, itself.

“We called out members of our Homicide Unit as well as out Crime Lab Unit.  They came out here, as well as member of our dive team.  We collected everything we could, then we had the members of the dive team get in the water for additional evidence.”

Olsen says the stiff current in the river made it difficult for dive teams to get the possible evidence out of the water.  They had to take extra steps to ensure they wouldn’t float further down the river.

Investigators are not at liberty to say what specifically was taken from the water, or how it relates to the Lueck case.  However, Olsen says, “We have a strong belief that these items are related to that case.”