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News Masters of the Universe!

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Prizes, glory, laud and honor await.



The price of this millennial food staple has jumped 129% so far this month, but it has nothing to do with tariffs. Which item in the produce section is getting more expensive because of higher global demand, and a smaller crop from Mexico?

Best served on toast. It is also a color option for the Saucony Shadow 6000 running shoes.
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That's right! For the first week in July the wholesale price mid-sized Avocados from Mexico jumped 129%.

Stock in this company soared this past week after it was revealed customers are stockpiling this popular home fix-it solution ahead of a planned price increase. Which helpful product and company is it?

The old saying goes, "You only need two tools in life: __________ and duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use ____________ If it moves and it shouldn't, use duct tape.
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According to WD-40, the name comes straight from the lab book. Chemist Norm Larsen was trying to make a solution that would prevent corrosion, something done by displacing water. He finally reached the perfect formula on his 40th try, so he imaginatively named his new solution Water Displacement 40 or WD-40

AT&T is launching its own streaming service, called HBO Max. That service is saying “I’ll be there for you” for fans of this 1990’s sitcom, which will be removed from Netflix. Which sitcom is it?

netflix netflix password sharing
How can these people afford such a nice apartment in New York City when all they do is sit around at a coffee shop!?
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Netflix is reported to have spent anywhere between $80 and $100 million to gain the rights to stream Friends. But as NBCUniversal spins up the gears for its own streaming service it's taking back two of the most streamed shows on Netflix: Friends in 2020 and The Office in 2021.

A popular singer known for flamboyant costumes and makeup is launching her own makeup company. It’s called “Haus Laboratories.” This recording artist also got a lot of attention for her starring role in a major Hollywood movie recently. Who is it?

Haus Laboratories
Don't p-p-p-p-p-poke yourself in the face when applying this makeup
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Singer and actress combo Lady Gaga, whos real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, launched Haus Laboratories earlier this month that makes her line of vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand.

A prediction from Swiss researchers says by the year 2050, climate change will change the weather in Salt Lake City, making the hottest month as much as 10 degrees hotter, making it similar to the weather in what major western city?

If this prediction holds through the temperature won't land on lucky number 7
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Crowther Labs in Switzerland say in thirty years the hottest month in Salt Lake City will be roughly 10 degrees hotter than it is now. They say the trends also appear to be moving in the same directions in, Portland, Oregon and Seattle which will feel more like San Antonio and San Francisco respectively.

This activist organization really wants the town of Caldwell, Idaho to change the name of the street “Chicken Dinner Road.” This group wants the city to respect chickens as individuals. Which group is it?

Chicken Dinner Road
Looks like this chicken was crossing the road so it wouldn't end up as dinner!
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Caldwell Mayor Nancolas says the whole situation about potentially renaming the street has been a good thing for his city. It’s brought attention to the area’s wineries and other offerings. And in spite of all the attention, so far, he says, the people who’ve commented on the town’s Facebook page about the hoopla have been very much in support of keeping the road’s name just as it is.

7-11 celebrated its 92nd anniversary by giving out free small slurpees. How many free slurpees did 7-11 expect to give out on July 11th?

BRAIN FREEZE! (It's also probably not the last option)
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On its 92nd birthday, 7-11 gave away 9,000,000 12-oz Slurpees which turns out to be 843,750 gallons.

The U-S Women’s team set a World Cup record for the number of goals they scored in France this year. How many total goals did Team USA score at the World Cup?

They scored 13 goals against Thailand in their first match
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With 26 goals, the USWNT now has the record for making the most goals in a Women’s World Cup tournament, according to ESPN.

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Be sure and tune in every Friday at 8:35 am to catch News Masters of the Universe. This week former Newsmaster Champion and KSL Newsradio Reporter Mary Richards takes on Deseret News Journalist Jasen Lee.

You can see how they fared and who took home the title of NEWS MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE below.


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