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Delta drops sports baggage fee

File - Travelers with their luggage (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY – It’s getting cheaper to take a trip through Salt Lake City International Airport if you’re a skier, mountain biker, or golfer.

Delta has announced it is dropping its $150 fee to check sporting equipment one way.

Utah Director of Tourism Vicki Varela believes it will help boost the state’s economy. That’s because 5 million skiers from around the world hit Utah’s slopes every year.

“The majority of our skiers come in on Delta. This is [an extra] $300 that they can spend on our great restaurants and our great culture,” Varela says.

Travelers will pay regular rates to check their baggage. Bulky luggage may also cost extra.

People are also being warned that airlines who partner with Delta may continue to charge another fee to check sporting equipment.

Analysts say dropping fees is a way for Delta to compete with American, Southwest, and other carriers who do not have them.