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Hiding in plain sight cops dress as construction workers to bust texters

ATLANTA — Officers in Georgia went undercover with hard hats and bright high-visibility construction vests in Atlanta this week to enforce the state’s Hands Free Law.

WSB in Atlanta says that police are seeing too many accidents and fatalities due to distracted driving and they’re trying anything to help lower that number.

That’s why officers from Acworth, Kennedaw and Cobb County handed out a ticket every 3 minutes on Tuesday during their 3-hour hands-free enforcement the roadways the Atlanta Metro area.

“They’re looking for direct violations. So, this can be someone texting on their phone or people playing on social media,” Sydney Melton with the Cobb County Police Department told WSB.

Violations carry a $50 fine for the first offense and then is raised by $50 for a second and third violation.