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Rep Chris Stewart only Utah Lawmaker to question Robert Mueller

Representative Chris Stewart was the lone member of congress from Utah who took part in the questioning of former special counsel Robert Mueller yesterday and said that it ended any talk of impeaching the President.



“I honestly think the American people are exhausted by this, and the polling is pretty clear. Support for impeachment has been in the 20s, and after yesterday it might be in the teens,” he said.

Stewart, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee told Utah’s Morning News Thursday that yesterday’s hearings shouldn’t have surprised anyone.

“At the end of the day, there just weren’t very many surprises. There’s not any bombshell. There’s no new evidence.

“I don’t think that people anticipate President Trump is going to be charged with the crime because the evidence just doesn’t support it at this time,” Stewart.

He continued saying that after three years of investigations, the American people are ready to move on.


“I think a lot of people say, look, we’ve done this for years now. Let’s really just move on and try to make our lives better for Americans rather than kind of festering on this anger.”


Rep. Stewart’s questioning Wednesday focused mostly on a number of leaks he said came throughout the course of special counsel’s investigations, leaks that he said had one thing in common.

“All of these, all of them have one thing in common: They were designed to weaken or to embarrass the president, every single one.”

When asked about those leaks, the former special counsel said,

“From the outset, we’ve undertaken to make certain that we minimized the possibility of leaks, and I think we were successful over the two years that we were in operation,” he said to which Rep Stewart responded,

“Well, I wish you’d been more successful, sir.”

When asked about the potential that the media was tipped off by his office before longtime confidant of President Donald Trump Roger Stone was about to be arrested Robert Mueller said,

“I’m not going to talk about specifics.”