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Study finds older drivers prone to frustration with in-car technology

(photo: curtoicurto/getty)

SALT LAKE CITY — For many, technology makes our daily drives to work, soccer games, and other activities a little easier and a little safer. However, according to researchers from the University of Utah and AAA, this may not be the case for elderly drivers.

Their joint study found that drivers between ages 55 and 75  took their eyes off the road, on average, 8 seconds longer than younger drivers. They seemed to have trouble multi-tasking behind the wheel even with hands-free technology.

Dr. William Horrey with AAA said, “Certainly there’s a balance between the convenience the technology affords and the risks associated with it.”

To complete their study, researchers from the University of Utah rode alongside drivers and recorded their reactions.

“We found for both age groups but the older drivers especially, they had a lot more difficulty with the navigation task both in terms of load and the time to complete that task,” Horrey said.

He says the take away from the report is that if you are driving – keep your eyes on the road…it’s safer for everyone.