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Parole fugitive back behind bars following Kearns standoff

Unified police work with Salt Lake police in getting a parole fugitive back behind bars on Thursday

KEARNS, Utah — A parole fugitive is back behind bars following a police standoff in Kearns on Thursday.

Unified Police Lt. Manfred Lassig says Salt Lake officers were following the suspect, Luis Torres when he turned into a storage unit facility near 4015 West Sams Blvd. Unified police and a helicopter were called in to assist.  He says the suspect then barricaded himself inside the facility, initially refusing to surrender.  Lassig says finally, around 7:15, a police negotiator was able to talk Torres out.

“Basically (the officer) talked to him, reassuring him we weren’t here to hurt him.  He wanted to talk to his wife.  I guaranteed that he would be able to talk to his wife when he came out, and that has happened and Salt Lake police took him,” says Lassig.

During Thursday’s standoff, pepper spray was used.  Lt. Lassig says it was sprayed into the suspect’s vehicle so he wouldn’t be able to get back in to escape.  Lassig says some threats were made by Torres against himself and law enforcement on hand, but otherwise, it was a peaceful surrender.