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wheelchair concert fan
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Concertgoers lend a helping hand to a fan in a wheelchair

Photo courtesy Kate Marthaler | Facebook

MINOT, North Dakota — A photo showing a group of men at a Weezer concert holding up a fellow concertgoer in her wheelchair is going viral.

Lex Smith, one of the men in the photo, told KX News that he wasn’t even planning on being at the show.

“It was just a spur of the moment [decision]. My friends say I need to get out of the house more,” Smith said.

Which is what led him and his friends to the grandstand to see Weezer at the North Dakota State Fair.

Ashlyn Kelly was also there. Visiting a friend from California, she suffered a foot injury that put her in the wheelchair behind other fans, unable to see the stage.

Kelly said shortly after the show started, Smith approached her, asking if she wanted a lift. She said yes.

“It just felt right,” Lex Smith told KX News. “She bought a ticket to the show, she should get to see the show.”

They weren’t just holding her up, though, Kelly says.

“They were literally like pumping me up in the air. I was dancing, having the time of my life.”

Kelly said she wanted to make sure to thank Lex Smith, Zack Campfield, Isaias Rodriguez, and her friend’s husband, Devin, for the lift.

Kate Marthaler captured the moment that has since been shared thousands of times on Facebook. She wrote: “This right here is what I’m working to surround myself with every day. People who want to hold up others when they need it so we can all keep living our best lives together!

“This is awesome!!”