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Jordan School District
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Jordan School District holds public hearing on proposed tax hike


RIVERTON — It’s time for people to weigh in on proposed tax hikes, and Monday night, the Jordan School District got an earful.

The meeting at Riverton High school got a little tense at times when people disagreed about the proposal to raise property taxes in the Jordan School District.

“I support teachers getting pay raises but enough is enough,” said resident Corey Nebeker. “This is seven people deciding how much money they are going to take from our checks.”

But others say good teachers will leave their district to get more pay somewhere else.

“The vote has to be yes or (we) will lose teachers to other districts,” said Shirleen Larsen to KSL TV. She’s a teacher and mother of students living within the district boundaries. “The other districts have not given the public as much input as Jordan has. Everywhere else, it’s passing.”

The Davis and Canyons school districts will hold truth-in-taxation hearings on August 6. Murray plans to hold its public tax meeting on August 8. The Park City School District has a meeting scheduled for August 20 about proposed property tax hikes.