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Volunteers ready to glean extra fruit around Cache Valley

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LOGAN, Utah — Cache Valley tree owners who have too much fruit can now ask for help gleaning it all.

A group of USU student volunteers will come to pick your extra fruit and vegetables.  They say they are passionate about reducing food waste.

They are looking for tree owners to sign up around Logan and the Cache Valley.

“Stone fruit, apple trees, pears, berries, if people have excess zucchini we’d love to pick that as well,” said Kara Bachman, the co-director of the USU Gleaning Team.

One-third of the fruit picked will go back to the owner, one third to the volunteers, and one-third to food pantries on campus and in the community.

Bachman her other co-director has plans for even the bruised apples, peaches and pears.

“The fruit that can’t be eaten fresh, she’s going to be making fruit puree like applesauce, or dried or dehydrated fruit,” she said.

They plan to work two days a week on this until the growing season ends.

“If we get a lot of people signing up, I don’t know if we can do every single tree, but we’ll try to do as much as we can,” said Bachman.

She would love to see it expand next year, and to other communities.

Bachman says to sign up to have your trees or garden gleaned, email, call 435-797-0972, or go to

To volunteer to help, go to