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What kind of convention attendee are you? Take the quiz.

With the large number of conventions and Attendees that Utah has every year, it’s no wonder that we were deemed the nerdiest state in the US in an Estatly Blog post in 2014.

The big one “FanX” is just around the corner and we only have until September to prepare. How much preparation do you need? Well, that might all depend on what kind of attendee you are. Find out what kind of attendee you are in this fun survey.

What Kind of Convention Attendee Are You?
Cosplay Champion

You have spent most of your time leading up to this event in front of a sewing machine, cutting fabric, or even searching the internet for the perfect piece to add to your costume. Your costume is what makes the event special to you and is a way for you to reach out to others and find common interests. Keep up the good work and good luck in that cosplay competition!
Pop Culture Appreciator

Events like these give you a good reason to get out and meet people who enjoy the same things that you do. You are a fan of most things represented at the event whether it be Sci-Fi authors, video game cosplayers, or meeting the star of your favorite show. You don’t usually dress up in cosplay, but you wear something more subtle to show your fandom.
Star Struck Fan

Your attendance is solely based on the announcement of your favorite celebrity. You have done everything possible so that you can be the first in line and would love to camp out. Dressing up isn’t really your thing, but you hope to see someone dressed up as the character from your favorite TV show.
Gaming Guru

You spend most of your time playing games at this event. Your t-shirt shows the where your loyalties lie in terms of gaming consoles. Meeting your favorite voice actor might also draw your attention, but to be honest, you are really searching the vendor floor for that one of a kind special edition controller for your favorite gaming system.
Best Mom or Dad Ever

Your kids are your top priority. The event is fun for you but most of your joy comes from seeing your children experience the magic of the event. You spend most of your time there helping your kids make crafts and just making sure they have fun.

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