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Some Southern Utah University students could be paying lower tuition

CEDAR CITY — Students at Southern Utah University may be getting a break in tuition fees next spring.

The proposal still needs approval from the Board of Regents; but if approved, could lower the price anywhere from $38 to $70  per credit hour.   The catch:  it will only apply to Graduate students enrolled in online-only programs.

President Scott Wyatt of SUU says this could be a first in the country.  After reviewing 40-years of regents’ records on tuition changes, a price cut has never occurred at state colleges or universities.

Wyatt stated, “This is part of an overall strategy to increase the number of degrees and decrease the cost with the hope we can reach one of our leading goals, which is to help students complete their degrees.”

The reason online graduate students are being targeted for the tuition decrease is they often struggle to get to classes held on campus.  Between juggling families and full-time jobs, Wyatt says many of them can’t get to SUU during normal business hours.

Also, a cost comparison shows graduate students generally take 7-credits per semester, which costs more per credit than a full-time undergraduate student on-campus.

Currently, SUU makes more money from online students.  And that money actually subsidizes the face-to-face students.  Wyatt says, “We actually don’t think that’s fair.”

SUU previously asked its Board of Regents not to increase tuition and fees for all on-campus students for this upcoming academic year.